The Handheld PC Browser Fund

As we all know, the browser that is inside the Handheld PC Pro does not work very well to browse the internet. And we all know we want a browser. So I decided to raise fund for this new browser. The specification will be: IE 5.5 Compatible, Javascript enabled, tab browser, RSS reader, SSL support, and most importantly, a very fast rendering support. The goal of this fund is to raise $22,500, which is a bid quote I got from a professional coder. There are currently 775 signatures on the Minimo port for Handheld PC petition started two years ago, and if each contributed $29, we can fund this project! Also, this browser will support all Windows CE from 2.11. (until 6.0). I am also open to suggestions, and you can contact me at:


Your contribution is essential. All contributers will get their names on this page. If you don't want your names listed, that will be fine also.


The names will have one bronze star for each $5 donated, a silver star for each $25, and a gold star for each $100 donated.

The donation will be from $1 and above. Please spread this news around the web. I know there are many more who wants this new browser.

Best Regards,

stingraze (Tsubasa Kato)

Update: 11/3/2007:

Great news for the Handheld PC Browser Project! A Compact Framework 1.0 for Windows CE 2.0 and above has been released! This means it will become much easier to develop a browser for Windows CE 2.0 Device.



Donor List

Mr. Gilbert Gall(2 Bronze stars)